Angelo Mazzone is a local hero. There is a side of him that he doesn't like to talk about because he is a humble guy.

Yes, he is known for Glenn Sanders in Scotia and 677 Prime, a downtown steakhouse, but I can't tell you how many times he has helped people in need. Here is just one example: We had major flooding in the area and many people lost everything. I decided to have an event to say "thank you" to the police, firefighters and first responders who spent days cleaning up the mess.

We decided on a picnic and hundreds of people showed up. After about an hour, I look over and there is Angelo, working the grill. It was a Sunday, but he decided to come out to help.

Then there is the time I got a call from the nurses at Albany Medical saying their Christmas party got canceled due to budget cuts. Angelo stepped in and throws them a xmas party at Glenn Sanders for FREE.

His new place is a seafood restaurant in Saratoga called Fish at 30 Lake. We wish him the best of luck.