Every day is a holiday and today is "National Tortilla Chip Day". Tortilla chips are often under-appreciated and mainly noticed when at a nice Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant with a solid dip selection. In honor of the tortilla chip AKA the world's greatest dip vessel here's a list of each state's favorite dip. Spoiler Alert New York's choice is trash!

Thanks to Zippia.com we know that the United States loves Salsa. Basically the "O.G." of dips, Salsa leads all other chip pairings with 18 states. Guacamole is the second most favorite with 16 states including New York choosing the food with the closest appearance and consistency to boogers. Who really thinks guacamole is the best dip? It's a terrible shade of green that I've seen in tissues and baby diapers. Please show me the person that's had Moe's Queso and still thinks guacamole is the best dip!

Here's a list of dips that are better than guacamole:
1. Queso
2. Buffalo Chicken
3. Beer Cheese (or any other cheese)

Forget that it's not good and has a nasty cold mash potatoes structure to it, restaurants charge extra for it!!! Somehow guacamole has a premium upcharge meanwhile you get salsa for just making it to your table! This dip double standard has gone on too long. As if the taxes and long winters weren't bad enough now New York chooses guacamole??? Today I am ashamed to be from the Empire State.

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Zippia put together a map easily showing each state's favorite dip.


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