The Empire State is one of the elites when it comes to America's best states to live in in 2023, but did not take home the No. 1 spot. Rather, three other states were considered better locations to live in for you and your family, according to a recent study. As New York residents, we were all left asking the same question: well, if we didn't win, then who did?

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Study: New York is a Top-Five 'State to Live In' in 2023, But Not No. 1

A study done by the fine folks over at WalletHub provided us with a definitive ranking of America's 'best states to live in' in 2023. WalletHub's researchers dug into the data on 51 key indicators of livability, and were able to generate numerical scores for each state in the union.

Based on that research, New York was given a final "score" of 59.31, and was ranked as the 4th-best state in which you can live in America in 2023.

Albany, New York, USA
Sean Pavone

Here is how New York was ranked for some of the more specific criteria in the study:

  • 15th – Income Growth
  • 8th – % of Insured Population
  • 21st – % of Adults in Fair or Poor Health
  • 8th – Avg. Weekly Work Hours
  • 1st – Restaurants per Capita

Other areas of research included affordability (47th), economy (28th), education & health (23rd), quality of life (1st) and safety (3rd).

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Well, if New York didn't come in first, then which state did? Here are the top-ten rankings for best states in America to live in, and where New York fell among them:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New Jersey
  3. New Hampshire
  4. New York
  5. Wyoming
  6. Florida
  7. Virginia
  8. Idaho
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Minnesota

Maine finished in 12th, with Pennsylvania in 14th, Vermont in 17th, Connecticut in 26th and Rhode Island in 29th. New Mexico was determined to be the worst state to live in in America for 2023.

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