The New York Yankees franchise is a storied one.

The "NY" is the most recognizable logo in all of sports, and the pinstripe-laden uniforms could be spotted by even the most casual of sports fans. No player has ever had their name on the back of that classic jersey, and every player who wears it is expected to arrive at the ballpark clean-shaven, clean-cut, and ready to win.

That same storied franchise has introduced a change to their historic jerseys, and fans are reacting completely rationally to the tweak.

Just kidding...they've been losing their minds about it all day.

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New York Yankees Add Jersey Sponsor; Fans Promptly Lose Their Marbles

On Wednesday, July 12th, the New York Yankees announced a unique new partnership with a sponsor, Starr Insurance. The insurance company paid a premium to have their brand advertised in a place that no fan ever would've imagined possible: on the sleeve of the Yankees' jerseys.

Don't believe us? Check it out below:

The team also released a statement, in which it shared more details about the partnership:

Of course, it wouldn't have been complete without a video:

As one can imagine, fans did not take this news well. Here were a few of our favorite reactions to this jarring news:

Here are some of the financial details behind the partnership with Starr Insurance:

If you want my hot take on the matter, here it is: It's the size of a postage stamp. Take a deep breath and relax.

Of course, I am aware of the sanctity of the Yankees' uniform. I know that the act of adding a patch to the sleeve is changing a jersey that is very rarely changed, and that's a big deal. That being said, there is another corporate logo that sits directly above the right pectoral muscle, and nobody seems to complain about that being there anymore.

I'm looking at you, Nike.

When any professional sports game ends, and the players return to the locker room, do you know what they do first? They take off their team jersey, and throw it into a bin, or onto the growing pile on the locker room floor. They respect the crest and the pinstripes just as much as any fan does, but at the same time, it's also nothing more than a necessity; something they're *required* to wear while they do their job.

Yes, I'm sure it'll be strange to see an altered Yankees jersey when the team takes the field on Friday, but I promise, the shock will begin to wear off soon enough.

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