...And then there were four.  On Monday there will be two.  But which two? Let us tell you.

Patriots at Broncos

  • Joe Bianchino: 31-27 Broncos
  • Armen Williams: 35-26 Broncos
  • Joe Calderone: 28-21 Patriots
  • Pierce Brix: 34-30 Broncos

49ers at Seahawks

  • Joe Bianchino: 23-20 49ers
  • Armen Williams: 24-17 49ers
  • Joe Calderone: 21-17 49ers
  • Pierce Brix: 23-20 Seahawks

Hear Armen Williams and Joe Bianchino justify their picks:

Calderone explains his picks:

Pierce bucks the trend and takes the 'Hawks.