Football is back.  The NFL and the players have agreed to terms of the new CBA which means we'll actually have an NFL season in 2011.

So let the Brett Favre watch begin.  Rather than write a story about how much I hate the Brett Favre retirement watch, I decided to go a completely different route.

There’s room in the NFL for Brett Favre!  That's right, I think the old man still has it - sort of.

Plain and simple, plenty of NFL teams need quarterbacks.  And last time I checked, Favre is a pretty decent one.  Washington, Oakland, Tennessee, Seattle, Miami, San Francisco, Arizona, maybe Buffalo and Cincinnati all need signal-callers.

There are desperate teams out there that are dying for a QB right now!  They need someone that can play NOW. These teams don’t have draft pick options, there aren’t enough free agent QB’s to go around and quite frankly, time is running out.

Favre is still better than almost half of the QB's in the league right now.

If you're the Redskins, who are you taking – John Beck or Brett Favre? The Dolphins - Chad Henne or Brett Favre? What about San Francisco - Alex Smith or Brett Favre?

It’s a 1-year deal with Brett Favre. You take him for one year and hope to solidify your QB situation next season. There’s no time right now to have pride. You fundamentally need to re-structure your entire team in 72 hours.

Favre isn't better than Brady, Eli, Peyton, Romo, Sanchez, Vick, Brees, Rivers, Rodgers, Cutler?, Ryan, Ben, Flacco or Freeman but he's still a viable option.

Hey, I'm sick of the Brett Favre story too and I know it’s really lame that he keeps retiring and coming back. The "Little boy who cried wolf" turned into the "Grizzled veteran who cried retirement".  But if he can help your team win, why not sign him?

He’s 41 years old and missed his first NFL game last year! Favre will perform above-average. That’s better than some of the other alternatives out there.

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