NFL defensive lineman Raheem Brock was arrested in his hometown of Philadelphia mainly because of the crazy lady he was with.


Former Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Raheem Brock was arrested on Thursday night for skipping out on a $27 dollar bar tab at the Copacabana in Philadelphia.  Initially, you might think that Brock is just a trouble-causing NFL player.  In this case, it was the girl he was with that was the main reason for the problem.

A female server at the Copacabana verified that it was the girl who started the disturbance.  "It wasn't even (Brock) that was the issue," the server said. "It was the female he was with, getting angry and wanting to leave.  The female was mad (because) she wanted something that wasn't on the menu. So she went across the street and got something from another restaurant."

Raheem Brock and his group were told that this was a no-no.  The crazy lady became crazy and the group was asked to leave.  Brock left without paying the tab and was arrested outside for theft of services and resisting arrest.  It sounds like Brock might have had plans to use that $27 dollars for some Advil based on how this girl was acting.

Brock spent last year with the Seahawks after spending the previous eight with the Colts. He'll be a free agent once the NFL labor dispute is settled.