Some players aren’t as lucky as others when it comes to the prospect of no NFL in 2011. Some rookies can live off a shoe deal or subway 5 buck foot long commercials, but some will be forced to work to make ends meet this summer.

Jake Locker, maybe you’ve heard of him. He is the number 3 quarterback in this years NFL draft, and a sure fire first round pick.  Normally his signing bonus would get him through the summer and into camp, but all the money will be given after a new CBA is reached between players and owners.  Which leaves Locker’s NFL career as profitable as a Charlie Sheen daycare center.

This has left Jake stuck between a rock and a hard place with no income coming in this summer and into the fall.  He might have to take up a job with the Anaheim Angels; he was given the opportunity in 2009 via some sort of armature draft (I assume that’s hippie talk for job fair).

He was given a measly 250k to pledge to work for the Angels as a pitcher till 2015, how is a Pac 10 quarterback going to live off 250k over 6 years, that’s less then 1/10th what he made in college. I know the economy is bad but why must we punish Jake Locker, his strong arm belongs on the Grid Iron not in some dank dark air conditioned luxury bullpen. Long story short, if the NFL doesn’t buck up and get a new CBA more and more of our future NFL super stars will be forced to be to play BASEBALL (yuck).  Imagine a low contact sport that doesn’t decrease your life expectancy by 30 years being the sport of choice for our young athletes. Frankly it scares me more then spilling BBQ sauce on myself and then running into a hungry T-Rex.

O SNAP!!!!!!