Yesterday, the 2011 NFL schedule was released.  And guess what?

I don’t care.

The day the schedule is out is supposed to be a fun time but with the current NFL lockout, these are hardly fun times.

There are emotional games on September 11th, Christmas Eve, we've got intriguing Thanksgiving matchups and a flex schedule in the final weeks of the season that could mean division titles will be decided in Week #17.

But I didn’t really even think twice about it.  Are they even playing?  Why should I get my hopes up when the two sides aren’t even willing to talk about playing?

When a judge has to step in and say, “Please talk and try and work this out” – why on earth should I get excited?  Seriously, if there’s no NFL season – I will have a hard time opening my wallet or wasting my time for anything NFL-related for awhile.

People are losing their jobs, teachers jobs are being cut and nearly every state in the US is bankrupt.  I should care about the NFL negotiations?  Yeah, right!

I have no idea which players are on which teams.  Free agency is in limbo so there has been no player movement.  So I can't even look a team's schedule and begin to figure out what their record will be next season.

NFL schedule release day is a slap in the face by the NFL.  The league is essentially is saying, “Here you go everyone. This is the NFL schedule you won’t be seeing in 2011.  I hope you enjoy it.  Because all you’ll be able to do is dream about it right now.”

It’s like going to Best Buy with no money!!  You can look at the great 3D HDTV’s but you don’t even have enough money for gum at the register.

I know they have to release it because the NFL is a business and they must put the steps in place to continue their day-to-day operations but when the players and the owners aren’t on the same page or even in the same ballpark, it’s hard for me to look forward to the Giants/Redskins game on September 11th.

I’m hearing more about litigation and mediation than I am about the Giants schedule difficulty or the battle of the Ryan brothers at the beginning of the year.

I don’t even know what’s going on with the NFL and the players.  There are judges and lawyers and lawsuits.  I’m so lost – I feel like I need ESPN Legal Analyst Roger Cossack to be my roommate so he can explain all of this to me.

Are they going to play or not?  Wake me when they decide.