It looks as if the "Joakim Noah to New York" rumors may actually become a reality as the former Bulls center will meet with the Knicks after free agency opens up on Friday at midnight.

People are extremely excited about a foursome that includes Noah, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and Derrick Rose, but I don't see the excitement. Noah is the former Defensive Player of the Year and an extremely tough player, but he's also injury-riddled. He only played in 29 games a year ago and has a body that has been through the ringer.

It sounds good on paper because of the superstar history of Noah, but if he and Rose both end up hurt, don't we have the exact same situation we have the Yankees currently? Aging players that will spend more time out of the lineup than in it?

If Noah is healthy, he helps the Knicks move up the Eastern Conference into respectability, but I'm not banking on it.


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