A few weeks ago I wrote how to survive a Phish concert. After the shows were over I did not see any figures on how many arrests, drug OD ect.

Well in todays Times Union they gave the breakdown….

"Phish's early July concert stand at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center ended with one woman dead and 26 arrests, mostly for drug charges, Saratoga police said.
Pennsylvania woman Kellie Goff, 38, a portrait photographer from Linwood, died suddenly in a room on the third floor of the Courtyard Marriott on July 4, police said.
Her death did not show signs of foul play but may have been related to substances willfully ingested, police said"

The dead is very sad and it's always a bad idea to buy stuff at these shows especially anything chemical based.

The Saratoga police also said they made arrests for possession of…

marijuana, concentrated cannabis, cocaine, heroin, suboxone, hash oil, Ecstasy, MDMA, LSD, bath salts, nitrous oxide (in tanks and balloons), Xanax, rohypnol, and several other types of prescription medications.

Nitrous oxide IN TANKS! How the hell can you hide that. They apparently doing balloons and then taking some themselves. Here is the part I don't like. The Saratoga police had undercover agents making buys. Really? For the most part it's just people who want to have fun no major buys are going down at a Phish concert. I do know one group who's happy. Saratoga Lawyers.

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