Phish just wrapped up. It's almost annual concert season at SPAC and usually the number of arrests is plastered on the front pages of local papers. I can't find the numbers. I checked the TU, Gazette and Saratogian and saw not one story about arrests at Phish.

It could be that with Trey being clean all 25,000 people at the show stayed clean? Nah. Maybe it's that the Saratoga Springs Police Department finally stopped arresting people for simple drug use. If that's the case, good for you. That's not to say if some idiot is driving drunk or high on PCP and starting fights they should not be arrested, but in years past newspapers listed drug arrests and I can't find any.

On another note, I asked some of my friends who go every year about how much sex goes on at these shows and they said, "Quite a bit." They will, of course, remain nameless, but when you combine Phish with ecstasy…well who wouldn't!

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