Numbers for Phish are in. 1 dead 26 arrests.
A few weeks ago I wrote how to survive a Phish concert. After the shows were over I did not see any figures on how many arrests, drug OD ect.
Well in todays Times Union they gave the breakdown….
"Phish's early July concert stand at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center ended with on…
Lots of Sex at Phish Concerts, But Arrests Seem to Be Down
Phish just wrapped up. It's almost annual concert season at SPAC and usually the number of arrests is plastered on the front pages of local papers. I can't find the numbers. I checked the TU, Gazette and Saratogian and saw not one story about arrests at Phish...
How to Survive a Phish Show
Phish is in town tonight for the first of three shows at SPAC. Let's hope no one ODs and let's keep the arrests to under 20 people. Here are some tips for surviving a Phish show:
1-Don't share a joint from some dude who passes it unless you don't care that horse tranqs may be part…
Russell Wilson's Phish Connection
Thirty-something years ago a college senior in northern Vermont penned a song about an evil dictator named Wilson. He wrote the tune as part of his senior thesis, a song-cycle narrating the tale of a mythical land called Gamehendge, and the man who accidentally stepped into it.