The net is being cast wide and far. Who else declares bounties and targets the head? After the sickening Gregg Williams audio was released last week the rent a slueths are casting about looking for more savage and neanderthal soundbites or quotes. Are the NY Giants being looked at?

If you recall the Giants talked about how they had to go after 49ers return man Kyle Williams, a guy who has incurred 4 concussions in his short career. Did the GMen target Williams?

The answer is a simple NO so look elsewhere amateur Columbo's!  The Giants knew Williams had concussion issues and wanted to knock him around in that Championship game, target him and hit him hard and clean!

There is no audio and there won't be any audio of any Giants player or coach instructing anyone to go to the head, contact the head of Williams. Heck neither of those NFC title game fumbles were caused by head shots.

Williams bobbled the 1st one after it glanced off his knee slightly. The 2nd was caused by a clean hard crack-not to the head. The fact that the Giants talked openly about going after Williams is common chatter. If anyone should be blamed blame those that insist all injuries be listed for all to consume. Another words blame the gamblers and the fantasy footballers and don't forget who insists injuries be listed -that would be commish Roger Goodell.

I will save the hypocrisy of this all for another column. But ask yourself this-would anyone even be mentioning the Super bowl champs for their comments if all  players with a boo boo didn't have to be listed on an injury report?

Some coaches have made a total farce of it all. Bill Belichik will list a player with a toothache just to save any aggrevation he might get from the main office. I am guessing others do the same.

Sure the Giants wanted to jar Williams. Who wouldn't. Concussed players might make a poor choice or 3 and Williams clearly did that. If blame needs to be given blame his club for playing him or the moronic rule that all injuries be listed!

No chance would Tom Coughlin ever suggest going after a players dome. Tom is waaaaay to classy for that and has a respect for the game and it's combatants. Gregg Williams did not!