Memphis Grizzlies guard OJ Mayo had a brain freeze when he ran the wrong way following a jump ball against the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday. 


OJ Mayo accidentally ran the wrong way after the Memphis Grizzlies gained possession following a jump ball.  It's always embarrassing to run the wrong way on the basketball court if you're older than the age of 6.  Mayo didn't have a fantastic game beyond this embarrassing moment either.  He shot 1-for-8 from the field (included 0-for-4 from 3-point range).  Mayo scored six points and had five assists.  Memphis was able to beat the Dallas Mavericks 94-89.

On a side note, I have a bone to pick with the Capital Region.  I've mentioned this on my show quite a few times.  Most of the locals refer to Interstate 87 (aka The Adirondack Northway) simply as the "Northway."  I've never been a fan of this whatsoever.  You can literally head south on the Northway.  This is just dumb.  87 (aka "The Northway") is an interstate.  This isn't some podunk side street.  Keep it simple and just refer to the interstate by the interstate's actual name (ie 87). 

When I lived in Los Angeles, there weren't any wacky nicknames that the locals had for highways to confuse everybody else.  A conversation would entail someone saying, "Take the 5, to the 10, to the 405."  It wouldn't consist of someone saying, "Take the Northway, to the Great Open Way, to the Magical Way."  They just refer to interstates by the number of the freakin interstate.  I hope the Capital Region follows suit someday soon.

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