I didn't think I would really miss going to the movies that much...and at first, I didn't. It was easy to just sit at home, order a movie, and sit back and watch it in the comfort of my own home. After more than 8 months though, I've reconsidered. I miss watching a great movie with a crowd. I miss the crowd laughing, gasping, screaming and generally feeding off each other's energy during a movie.

Well, if you're like me, you're in luck because the Bow Tie Movieland 6 theater in downtown Schenectady is set to reopen Dec. 18. I know what you might be thinking, "but Regal Cinemas tried this and they were only open for three weeks..." Yes, that's true, but they didn't really have any big blockbuster type movies to show and I'm sure that hurt their chances at crowds.

When the Bow Tie Movieland 6 Theater opens on December 18th. They will be open right before a couple of really big movies open at the box office. "Wonder Woman 1984," and Tom Hanks’ "News of the World"

The Bow Tie announcement also came with a list of new changes following state rules in response to the pandemic, including reserved seating, auditorium capacity at 25 percent, a temporary waiver on advanced ticketing fees on its website and app.

Seats will be sold in an alternating pattern to ensure an empty seat on either side, contact-free purchasing app, and lobby upgrades, mandatory masks unless consuming food or beverages in the seat, and other changes.

Bow Tie has had success in opening theaters in Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Virginia in recent months so they would have a good plan in place.

So, as soon as December 18th if you want to get out to see a movie...now you can. For more information on the reopening go to the Bow Tie Theater website.

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