The war of words between Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora and Eagles running back LeSean McCoy took an interesting turn.

LeSean McCoy fired the first jab at Osi Umenyiora by Tweeting that the Giants defensive end was "soft" and "overrated" and the third best defensive lineman on the Giants.  Umenyiora returned the favor by referring to McCoy as "she" and "Lady Gaga."

"I refer to him as she because that is something that a woman would do," Umenyiora told in a phone interview. "You can sit over there and be a Twitter gangster all you want to but on the football field is where you are supposed to address these types of things."

"I have always referred to him as that because he is woman," Umenyiora explained. "We have a lot of animosity toward each other personally and on the football field is where I thought it was left. But he has decided to take it off the football field and say some things that I just have no respect for.  A guy like LeSean McCoy, he's a nobody. He just needs to be quiet."

Okay, tell us how you really feel, Osi.  This little beef will be interesting to watch on the field between the Giants and Eagles when the NFL lockout is finally over.  I think Osi stumbled onto a great phrase.  "Twitter gangster."  I like it.  A lot of athletes can talk tough on Twitter, but can they walk the walk?  We'll see who backs up their words on the field when McCoy and Umenyiora see each other.