Prince, legendary musician and icon, has died at age 57. Join us in remembering the highlights of his beautiful life and career. 

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    Purple Rain

    How can you think of Prince without thinking of Purple Rain? Not only did Prince star in the film, he wrote and performed the Purple Rain soundtrack, as well. According to Billboard, the film's soundtrack took the top spot on the charts for 24 straight weeks. The film received all kinds of accolades, including Oscars and Grammy awards.

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    Famous Name-Change

    From 1993-2000, Prince took the name of a symbol -- one that couldn't be pronounced. It later became known as the "Love Symbol." When he realized having an unpronounceable name wasn't quite lucrative, he decided to go by "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince," then "The Artist," then back to Prince. What's even better about this story is that Prince decided to change his name right on stage -- in the most awesome and public of ways.

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    Superbowl Halftime Show

    This performance from 2007's Superbowl Halftime was truly unforgettable. Not only did Prince dazzle the crowd with his own hits, like Purple Rain, he also performed a very diverse collection of covers. From Prince's classics, to Foo Fighters, and back again to Queen, there was something for everyone to love.

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    'Dirty Mind' Album

    Prince's albums were poignant in our culture, in part, because they were so ahead of the times and often challenged conventional perceptions. Many people in the 80s considered this album to be over-the-top, but it definitely got people talking and shone a new light on sexuality as well as musical promiscuity that wasn't necessarily welcomed back then.

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    Outrageous Outfits

    No one has ever dressed quite like Prince. No matter how loud the outfit, though, Prince's personality is what ultimately poured through and commanded attention -- not only could Prince wear the coolest, most outrageous clothes, he could also work them from noon to night.