Today the speech commies are at the door to take out Ozzie Guillen. Tomorrow it could be you! next week me! The week after your neighbor!

I will stay away from the politics and speak the TRUTH. Anyone that knows me would scoff at the notion that in any way would I defend the EVIL Fidel Castro. This isn't about EVIL Fidel. This is about us and what we have become and are becoming!

We are becoming a Country that gets offended so we have a cause. We are becoming a Country that no longer tolerates being a tool or being a fool and frankly that scares me a lot more then a manager of a Baseball team defending in any way a brutal communist dictator. See here in America we used to have the right to be a fool or say something dumb without the element of off with his head, and make no mistake this is a growing and growing Stampede. I wont join now or ever.

Yes Guillen defended Fidel. Who is the idiot. But demand he be fired? thats just what they do in commie countries. Dont like what they say Fidel off with their head.  Same thing here in a metophorical sense.

I dont blame the fine Cuban folks who escaped Fidel's murderous Government. But I would ask these same folks isn't what you left part of what you are now demanding? Of course it is. In Cuba you are thrown in jail or worse for speaking badly about the gov't or whatever the govt says you spoke badly about but now you want to regulate dumb speech? Ozzie Guillen is free to praise an EVIL man. What does that say about Ozzie, who many times over has taken up for another brutal and evil dictator in Hugo Chavez and never this outrage.

Is it because our citizens aren't taught the evil of the leader of Venezuela? Maybe and that is sad. If the Cuban  folks want to boycott hey that's their right. But what are you boycotting? A fool with a big mouth-Yes. A brutal dictator-NO.

How do I know this isn't just Cubans speaking out-Easy I have read it and let's be honest,based strictly on attendance no one has been jamming the park to see the Marlins play. Not Cuban. Not anyone.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox, whose work I admire, called for a 1 month suspension by the ballclub. Why? Cause Ozzie likes himself dictators. Cause Ozzie said something absurd. Cause your feelings are hurt? You will get over it. And if you repulse the comments that much then don't go. I get that. There are products  and companies I won't spend my money at but I don't make a stink about it and call for heads to roll.

Some places in Europe if you deny the Holocaust you can go to jail. As a Jewish person I find that  offensive, and scared that you aren't free to be a moron. I say expose the morons or let them expose themselves  but to froth at the mouth to fire this person, fire that person, get rid of him or her cause I am offended is flat out wrong. It's anti American. Nothing Ozzie said was hateful or  harmful, it wasn't enciting violence, it endangered no  lives.

If I were the Marlins I would simply tell the folks "listen we in no way stand with Ozzie". I would trash Fidel and his evil. I would talk to Ozzie and let him know if you start to be harmful to the bottom line you won't be kept, I would advise him about how ridiculous his comments were but I would not fire him and I would not suspend him.

What are we becoming when you face the wrath if you aren't able to speak freely even if the comments don't pass the smell test or ruffle some feathers. What are we becoming when you are free to burn the American flag and call it freedom of speech yet we call freedom of speech anti American?

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