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Are the Buffalo Bills are Saving New York Football?
Records are one thing but how could Buffalo being saving New York football? Well, new fans would be a start. New NFL fans are often attracted to winning teams. Some fans of perpetually losing franchises, like the New York Jets, switch their allegiances to teams that actually make the playoffs or win a Super Bowl every 3 or 4 decades or so. Ask Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, how many of his current fanbase used to root for another NFL team prior to the Pats amazing Super Bowl run of 6 NFL championships?
It’s Time For Robert Kraft To Shut his Mouth
If you listen to the show you realize I am not a New England Patriots fan. Over the last season I was forced to realize I have respect for what they have built and they are as close to a dynasty as we may ever see in the NFL. That being said Patriots owner Robert Kraft needs to shut up...
Patriots Involved in More Scandal, Per ESPN
Yesterday, an unbelievable long form piece debuted on which accused the Patriots of establishing a culture of cheating over the last 15 years -- and that Roger Goodell helped cover it up. The story says that Goodell helped cover up "Spygate" and helped sweep it under the rug and that he was behind helping destroy evidence in the case...
Flat Out Denial
It's been six days, but Robert Kraft hasn't cooled down in his first interview that he's done since the DeflateGate punishment, that was released Monday morning.
Kraft Testifies
In a surreal scene, Patriots owner Robert Kraft took the stand Tuesday morning in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, stating that Hernandez denied any involvement in the Odin Lloyd murder.
Tom Brady Or Joe Montana?
In an interview this week, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that his quarterback Tom Brady is better than Hall of Famer Joe Montana ever was, and that Brady might be the best quarterback in NFL history. Let's keep this debate narrow to the pair of quarterbacks Kraft named specifically...