This is why I love Siena Saints head coach Jimmy Patsos. Some coaches have a down year and they tuck their tail between their legs and beg for mercy, not Patsos. Jimmy goes nationwide recruiting and letting the world know he and the Saints will be back!

This was a down year with a young and often injured Saints team for Patsos and Siena. That much is very clear but fixing that might be done faster than most think. Patsos knows that the best way to inspire the young talent he already has and to add the players he needs is to double down and raise his profile.

The Timesunion reports:

"While recruiting in California, Patsos appeared in studio for a Yahoo! Sports livestreamed NCAA Tournament selection show on Sunday. Patsos said, "We had a really young team this year. You wait 'til the resurrection."

He called into a radio talk show in Washington, D.C., his old stomping grounds, this morning. Patsos, who's back in Albany, told the hosts he's reminding his players to watch the NCAA Tournament that begins tonight.

"Got to watch tonight because next year we plan on playing there," Patsos said."

I like this. Go on national media outlets, expand your celebrity which emboldens your kids and opens up living rooms of high profile recruits.


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