The 10th seeded Siena Saints looked outmatched last night in their 67-58 loss to the 7th seed Quinnipiac Bobcats. It seemed like the Saints had more fouls than points in the first five minutes of the game and never quite got it together in their first round loss. So of course, as usual, sports fans begin to over react.

I'm here to say take a deep breath and let's see what head coach Jimmy Patsos can do with this team now that their not one of the most inexperienced teams in all of college hoops.

The struggles of this team were obvious from the beginning. There were no seniors, the Nico Clareth saga continued and injuries were a constant. I believe the smart thing to do is sit back lick our wounds and relax. I guarantee no one is taking this loss harder than Patsos and given another year with this talented young squad plus the incoming recruits I expect significant improvements. So before you go all fan and call for Jimmy's job ask yourself "Who could do better in this kind of transition?" and "Who do I see taking Patsos' place?"

I'm looking forward to seeing what Patsos brings to the court next season and I for one would be shocked if Siena gave him his walking papers.

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