The Siena Saints will need to continue their search for another point guard as Dayton, Ohio's DeVon Baker has withdrew his commitment to the Saints. This should come as no surprise seeing as how Patsos recruited Baker just week's ago. When DeVon Baker committed on March 19th his current coach David Briski at SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio said "They're getting the most underrated player in the country. The kid's really, really good. He's special."

DeVon Baker's exit from the program is the first since former head coach Jimmy Patsos resigned from Siena. My question becomes will he be the last? Baker won't have to sit out at all because he hadn't actually began his time as a Siena Saint. Other stdents would have to jump through more hoops but might still want out due to the uncertainty of the program's future.

The other question for the Saints is who will the next coach be and what players will he be able to recruit and add to the roster for the coming season? The clock is ticking for the Saints and they need to get this hire right.

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