In case you've been living under a rock over the last 24 hours, you know that Chad Johnson has been arrested for domestic abuse against wife Evelyn Lozada, why it happened, and that he was released by the Miami Dolphins. Well, as is the case with any high profile celebrity arrest, the Internet sounded off on the issue. Shockingly, though, there were plenty of people out there defending Johnson for his actions, choosing to attack the victim rather than the attacker.

Despite the fact that she just understandably reacted to allegedly being cheated on and was then struck by her husband, the Twitterverse felt no sympathy, even justifying his reprehensible behavior.


  • Ocho was one of the few famous black athletes in the NFL with no arrest ever.. Now look what Evelyn did to his career. #StopWifenHoes
  • Damn the dolphins released Chad Johnson.....smh Evelyn's dumb ass just messed up some of his millions.


  • Evelyn got that Big ass forehead she prolly strted it!


  • RT @RogerMayAllday: Chad Johnson don't get in trouble until he meet Evelyn. But it's him right?... Let's keep it real she's trouble #StayAwayFromBasicHoes


  • RT @AlDaLeO: a woman will either upgrade u (Beyonce to Jay-Z) or destroy everything u've worked for (Evelyn to Chad Johnson). choose wisely fellas


Ochocino should've never married Evelyn she messing up his career·

One would think someone would feel bad for a victim of domestic abuse, but the Web is a sick place.

  • I don't even feel bad for evelyn tho


  • I love evelyn but she lost some cool points for callin the cops on her husband you don't do that

Don't worry, Chad, the Twitterverse has advice for you that makes your decision look intelligent by comparison.

  • She cost that man his job, time for a divorce ...Evelyn Lozada ain't nthn but drama anyway. That's crazy ...


  • Lord I hope Chad leaves Evelyn.................................


  • Rite.!!!!!!!! RT @ComedianSpank: if Chad dont divorce Evelyn he stupid


  • Ocho is cut from the team & messed up his clean record. I'd headbutt Evelyn for real now
So there you have it, straight from the mouth of the beast known as the Internet. Apparently it is Evelyn Lozada's fault that Chad Johnson cheated on her, and it is Evelyn Lozada's fault that she was headbutted by Chad Johnson, who should know better than to abuse a woman. She, according to the brilliant minds of the web, deserves no sympathy because of how she acts on reality TV show Basketball Wives, and Chad should leave HER (not the other way around) despite the fact that he allegedly assaulted her. The lesson, once again, is that the Internet is a sick, disgusting place and at times the gutter of human existence.