For a while now we've all been teasing Goz about his love of Fanny packs. It's possible that Fanny Packs are making a comeback. That's right while no one can deny the usefulness of the belt with a giant pocket but the fashion behind it has always been suspect. Goz has a clear love of them to the point listeners have had special Fanny packs made for him and so did our favorite jewelry store Lilly and David Fine Jewelry in the Wilton mall. Now Chad Ochocinco is clearly in Goz's camp.

Does the addition on Ochocinco to the fanny pack crowd change your impression of them? Does this somehow make Goz a little cooler? Is the fanny Pack in fact making a comeback? I'm shocked I have to ask any of these question but thanks to Chad Ochocinco I have more questions than answers! Watch Ohcocinco in the gym clearly proud of his fanny pack HERE.

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