Plaxico Burress gave high praise to Rams quarterback Sam Bradford and discussed his admiration for head coach Steve Spagnuolo.
In a recent interview with "Sirius Blitz," Plaxico Burress mentioned that potentially being a member of the St. Louis Rams is very appealing.  He praised QB Sam Bradford by saying, "He has all the tools to be the next elite quarterback in this league.  I know how difficult that position is to play, and I know how many high draft picks come into that position and fail.  But it seems like he is on the right track."
Burress then talked about his admiration for former New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who is now the Rams head coach.  "I have a lot of respect for coach Spagnulolo. We had a great relationship. When he was in New York, and I was playing on offense, and he was calling the plays, and I was always asking coach: 'What do you got for me today?,' just always trying to pick his brain and to see his defenses. He is a great football mind, he has surrounded himself with a great staff and he is getting all the right guys around that situation."
Stay tuned.  The NFL lockout will be lifted soon.  Once that happens, we'll finally be able to find out where Plaxico Burress ends up.  It'll be one of the more interesting storylines as the NFL season draws near.