On Sunday, the New York Jets signed Plaxico Burress to a 1-year, $3 million dollar deal. 

The former New York Giants wide receiver, who served a 20-month sentence at an upstate New York prison on a weapons-possession conviction, chose the Jets over the Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers.

It's a great move for Gang Green.

Burress' signing gives the Jets a legit #2 wide receiver.

Remember, Burress is 6-5 and catches everything thrown to him.  Being in prison for nearly 2 years doesn’t change that. I’m not talking about speed or agility.  I’m talking about a 6-5 WR that catches passes.  He’s a possession receiver – not a burner!

With the Giants, Plax would have likely seen the opponent's number 1 cover guy in man-on-man coverages. With the Jets, that goes to Santonio Holmes.  He gets the other teams #2 CB.  This will help them immensely in the red zone - a place where the Jets struggled last year.

You need a big wideout in the NFL today.  And the Jets got their man.  Burress is also great at making stuff happen when the play breaks down.  How many times has Sanchez scrambled around and then made something out of nothing?  The Jets are getting that big-play guy with Burress.


I'd rather have Burress than Braylon Edwards.

I think it's an upgrade at the position - especially for the dollar amount. The Jets got Burress for $3 million while Braylon wants #1 wide receiver money even though he's not a #1.  To me, Edwards was never was a big-play guy.  I just was never a big Braylon Edwards fan.  There was just something about him I just didn’t like.

Not signing Nnamdi Asomugha gave the Jets a chance to get two players instead of one.

New York was going to have to pay Nnamdi $11-12 million a year.  So instead, they signed Burress for $3 million and then signed Antonio Cromartie to a 4 year/$32 million deal ($8 million/year). That’s the 11 million they would have signed for Asomugha.  Smart move. They got two guys for the price of one. 

The Jets wouldn't have been able to do that if they won the Nnamdi sweepstakes.