After the conclusion of the NFL Draft’s first round, the news became public that Josh Gordon had failed his second drug test and was facing a full season’s suspension in 2014.

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With the knowledge that their top wideout would most likely not be available, Cleveland was expected to take at least one receiver in rounds two through three.

Well, the Browns were the Browns and took no receivers.

“We made some concerted decisions and those decisions led us to good football players, guys that we thought could help us win long-term,” said Browns GM Ray Farmer, Monday on 104.5 The Team with Mike and Mike. “We’ll find a wide receiver whether it’s a trade or finding someone. There will be people that can catch a football.”

Farmer went on to reference the Seattle Seahawks and how the Super Bowl Champions only had one receiver that’s been drafted (are the Browns solidified at every other position like the Seahawks, too?) and then brought up a well known New York sports wideout.

Podcast: Browns GM Ray Farmer on Mike and Mike

“A guy like Victor Cruz,” said Farmer. “Who was Victor Cruz before he was Victor Cruz? He was an undrafted free agent that got an opportunity.”

First of all, how many Cruz’s are there out there who go undrafted, like Cruz did in 2010, get a camp invite as a free agent and then end up being a franchise player?

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Secondly, the Browns need someone now. Cruz did not catch one football for the Giants in his rookie season. It wasn’t until his second year that he developed into a top receiver and even then, it was a process where he only started seven games.

Also, the Giants could afford to not draft a wideout and wait on a Cruz to develop in 2010. They were looking at a stat sheet from 2009 that had Steve Smith with 1,220 yards, heading into his third year in a row as a starter in the NFL.

Big Blue had invested and spent early draft picks on their three starting wide receivers which is why they could take a chance on Cruz.

The Browns don’t have the luxury. Their second best wide receiver to Gordon is Jordan Cameron who had over 700 yards less receiving yards than Gordon. The next productive receiver is Chris Ogbonnaya, who had 343 receiving yards last year and is going into his sixth NFL season – it’s not like the guy is going to get light-years better!

Ray Farmer, love your optimism and attitude but before you compare your team to the Super Bowl winning New York Giants, you may want to start building it in a similar manner.

Right now, the Browns are in big trouble without Gordon and they should’ve drafted a wideout. Because they didn’t, the Brown continue to be the Browns.

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