Before the "This isn't sports guy" chimes in, I ask this because as a father this video made me cringe. I know there are lots of dads that listen to the station and the show. I have never been the most religious person but my daughter is baptized and I have respect for priests. So here's my question...What would you do?

Here's the scene this French speaking priest is baptizing a crying baby. For whatever reason the priest decides it's a good idea to slap the baby. I think if you watch closely he actually slaps the child twice and then will not let the baby go. So I watch this dad and I can see his inner struggle. "What do I do?" "Do I punch a priest? Do I just hope this will end quickly?" Ultimately the father removes the baby from the priests possession.  I really need to see the next minute or so after the video ends to see if the priest realizes the error of his ways or is there a larger issue with the priest mental health at this point?

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