Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard would both return a haul or prospects to the Mets, but would trading one of those pitchers do more damage to the team or the fan base than the Mets are willing to endure?

I'm in the minority, but I thought the Mets should have traded deGrom last year to fleece a contending team. For as great as Justin Verlander has been for the Astros, I believe the Mets could have gotten more from Houston than Detroit did. The value of the 29-year old righty has hardly diminished a season later. In fact, I think it's even greater. Too great? Perhaps.

I understand the difficulty that comes with parting with a known quantity, but this Mets team is not close to contending so why not start the rebuild? The Cubs did it. The Astros did it. The Yankees did it to a degree. Heck, even the Braves and Phillies did it and they're ahead of New York in the NL East standings.

If the choice ends up being dealing Syndergaard, who has some injury concerns attached to him, instead of deGrom, I don't think it's a bad move. The Mets roster is loaded with veterans who are aging rapidly and an injection of talented youth is necessary.

Robert Murray from Fan Rag Sports breaks it all down for us:

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