While the NFL Pro Bowl has been gradually losing its luster over the last few years, the NFL could be close to making another effort to save the game.

Orando, Sydney, Australia, Houston and Honolulu put in bids to host the game, which appears primed for a move from Honolulu. If the game is moved to Orlando, it could start as early as this season.

The game has been played in Honolulu ever year except two since 1979. In 2010, the game was played in Miami and in 2014, the game took its act to Arizona.

I don't think the game needs to move. Hawaii is the perfect spot. It allows the players the opportunity to travel and separates the game from other cities on the Mainland. For a game that is struggling to keep players interest, I don't think moving a game to Orlando is enough incentive.

The decision on this could be coming soon.

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