It's obvious that the least meaningful of all the "all-star" style games is the NFL's Pro Bowl. It's always been a game of meaningless proportions. There's nothing like watching a bunch of overpaid athletes on a free vacation go half-speed in a sport they pour their lives into throughout the year.

In 2016, the game heads back to Honolulu, Hawaii after being in Glendale, Arizona last year.

The Pro Bowl is anything but a game of prestige and a showcase of the sport's top talent. It's more of a gimmick. Ever year we make a big deal of who is in the Pro Bowl when in the end it doesn't matter at all.

There really isn't a real reason to watch anymore unless you're a fan of the Nike Vapor jersey's the athletes will be wearing on Sunday.

So I present the question that is presented every year this game is near. Will you watch the Pro Bowl?

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