Apparently, Josh Blanchard used glue in his bowling ball instead of resin.  You have to check out this awkward mishap and the even more awkward aftermath.


Who says that bowlers aren't athletes?  Okay, this might not be the greatest video to dispute that theory.  Professional bowler (yes, professional) Josh Blanchard didn't actually release the ball when it was time to let it go.  This is pretty basic.  Most people are able to do it.  However, Josh was unable to execute a simple ball release at the PBA World Championship qualifier in Las Vegas.

Josh was only rolling a 129 in the ninth frame.  That's horrible for a professional bowler.  He's a rookie who wasn't enjoying a good day.  Things got way, way worse when this mishap occurred.  The funniest part to me is how uncomfortable everybody was.  Josh, the other bowlers, and the crowd were all completely uncomfortable.  It's as if everybody was thinking at the same time, "Wow, that's really embarrassing."

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