Johnny Manziel is back on the NFL radar and his workouts in San Diego and College Station have attracted team executives, head coaches and scouts. Does he have a realistic shot of landing on one of the 32 rosters this offseason? Sure, there's a chance, but I would say the odds are significantly stacked against him.

With his personal life now in order maybe the time and energy he has been able to focus on football will make him a better quarterback than he was before the Browns were essentially forced to cut him loose. Manziel's freewheeling style doesn't play perfectly in the NFL. When he's forced to drop straight back and throw it, can you convert? Don't invoke Russell Wilson's name and style of play here. As we've seen behind a now poor Seahawks offensive line, Wilson's athleticism and improvisation has been harshly neutralized.

So, will Johnny Manziel be back in the NFL this coming season? And where do the Giants and Jets go later this month in the draft? We turn to an expert on those matters, NFL Network's Taylor Bisciotti:

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