It is official. Starting next season, the St. Louis Rams will be playing home games in Los Angeles. The Rams are returning to LA, where they played until they moved to St. Louis in 1995.

The move also has implications for the Chargers and Raiders. The Chargers get first crack at going to LA if they want: They can move for 2016, but if not, they have a hard deadline of Jan. 2017 to decide their permanent future. They could remain in San Diego if they can find a new deal with the city for a new stadium.

The Raiders get second crack. If the Chargers don't move to LA, the Raiders can, should they want to. The Raiders and Oakland do not have a lease presently so its unknown what the Raiders will do for 2016.

A team relocation is a terrible thing. I am slightly more open to it in this case because the Rams were previously in Los Angeles, but as someone who had my Seattle SuperSonics stolen and moved to Oklahoma City, I understand the implications. I feel bad for the city of St. Louis and its fans.

Check out how the Rams players took the news:

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