Following Connecticut’s Fiesta Bowl loss to Oklahoma, head coach Randy Edsall got on a plane, and flew to Maryland to meet regarding the head coaching vacancy.  The only problem is he didn’t tell his team.

After the relatively predictable loss to Oklahoma, the University of Connecticut Huskies met in the locker room for a final farewell.  Seniors gave short speeches, coaches reflected on the season, and junior running back, Jordan Todman announced that he would be forgoing his senior season to enter the NFL draft.  Todman did so at the request of head coach Randy Edsall, who told Todman, “Jordan, I believe you have something to say to these guys.”

Then a funny thing happened, everyone got on a plane to head back to Connecticut, except Randy Edsall.  Without addressing his team at the meeting, or getting on the plane with an explanation before the players left, Edsal got on a charter plane headed for Maryland, and left.  By the time the UConn team arrived home, they were getting text messages, informing them that the man who coached them mere hours ago had taken the head coaching job at the University of Maryland.

A freshman who asked not to be identified told the Hartford Courant:

"It really pisses me off because he made [running back] Jordan [Todman] address the team last night to say he was leaving [for the NFL draft]," said the freshman, who also expressed his desire to transfer. "And he isn't man enough to do it face to face to us?”

No one can blame Randy Edsall for taking a better job.  With TCU joining the Big East in 2 years, that conference is about to get a whole lot less winnable.  I just expected more out the man who has built that program over the past 12 years, into what it is today.  This is a guy who handled the untimely death of former player Jazz Howard with grace and confidence, leading the whole program through what was a very difficult time.  I guess I just assumed that he would leave with the same grace with which he led young men. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but it’s definitely worse when you don’t.