Jason Ramano grew up in the Capital Region with a dream of doing sports talk. Year's later he landed his dream job working for ESPN as a producer on the Mike and Mike show. To the shock of many of us here in the 518 that followed Jason's career he made the decision to leave "The Mothership" and follow his faith.

Here we are a short time later and not only is Jason Romano doing well, he's doing great. He has a podcast about Sports and Faith which he says varies in it's mixture of sports and faith and he's written a book called "Live To Forgive". His book is a dream come true on many levels. It not only makes him a legit author but the forward is written by his childhood idol Daryl Strawberry.

Goz: why did you leave mike and mike and what are you working on now?

Ramano: it was hard. It was 17 years of an amazing blessing to be at the world wide leader. You’re working as a producer there and done so many cool things. I’ve covered 9 Super Bowls and this is my first not being a ESPN. It was just time, it was one of those moments where I felt like I needed to do something for a greater purpose, that was kind of my thinking. I had done ESPN for so many years and I liked my job with mike and mike. I saw Golic today and it brought me back to all those fun times. It was just time to follow a call in my life, to try and do more as far as my faith goes, to branch out a little bit more. I was writing a book and trying to figure out what that world looks like and being a first time author. It was just time, now I’m hosting a podcast with sports spectrum. It was just time and I knew it, and it’s funny when you look back, you definitely know that it was the right time. I was talking to my wife and she thought I was crazy to leave the job that we moved to Connecticut for, but now you look back and you realize it was the right time.

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