The New York Knicks just lost another key player for the these NBA playoffs in Mitchell Robinson.  His defense and rim protection has been instrumental for them but you wonder if Joel Embiid's dirty play in the first round impacted his movement and caused this injury.  Nonetheless the Knicks are only going to have seven guys going on any given night.  You also wonder about their stamina and will fatigue start to set in against a fast paced Indiana Pacers team that loves to run and gun.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:
If the New York Knicks are going to get past the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the NBA playoffs they need to control the tempo a little better starting with Game 2 on Tuesday. The Knicks can be more effective over the long haul if they run more half-court offense. The Knicks only play a seven-man rotation and playing 48 minutes will eventually catch up with New York. The Knicks almost nothing from their bench and I don't see that changing.
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On the bright side for these Knicks they have been dominant at home and Jalen Brunson has been nothing short of tremendous.  He has scored over 40 points in four straight games which only Michael Jordan has done in the NBA playoffs, so he is in some pretty elite company.  I still do think the Knicks will win this series but it is going to be a tough competitive dogfight until the very end.

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