The debate will rage into the regular season and beyond. Did the NY Knicks make the right move letting Jeremy Lin go for no-repeat no compensation to the Houston Rockets? We have helped waged the debate on the radio program ( Game On With Bruce Jacobs-1045 The Team, ESPN radio) as I have backed Lin and been hammering James Dolan  for letting Lin to leave and then letting him go and getting nothing in return for 1 of, if not the NBA's most marketable players. The audience has been mostly split, if not more anti Lin.

Now Raymond Felton whom the Knicks acquired before letting Lin go claims he is better then Lin. Felton returns to the Knicks who dealt him away to Denver to help obtain Carmelo Anthony.

In an interview with the MSG TV network Felton said it was not personal between him and Lin. Felton later moved on to the Portland Trail Blazers where he was out of shape and had a tough season, averaging  a career low 11.4 points per game and 6.5 assists. Felton didn't care for the questions about his weight problems. Felton acknowledged being a bit out of shape after the NBA lockout saying " I am hearing from everyone I wasn't in shape last year. I played in the league 7 years, soon to be 8 next season, came in out of shape 1 year and that's all anyone wants to talk about. I look forward to this season and shutting up everyone's mouth".

Felton will have to play great to have Knick fans forget the energetic Lin and his fantastic story from last season. Stock in MSG lost almost 93 million dollars at the close of business Friday. For the ego maniac that is James Dolan he has stockholders to report to and angry Knick fans to contend with letting Lin go. From a business standpoint Dolan allowed his  ego to get the better of him by not even doing a sign and trade deal for Lin. Felton will have to play top notch ball in a tough enviroment next year to win over Knick fans that will miss Lin.

Felton it should be noted played very well for the Knicks before being dealt away to get Anthony. However that was in former coach Mike D'Antoni's point guard heavy system. The offense now runs through Anthony with his selfish iso game.It will be interesting to see how Felton performs.

Bottom line-Felton was popular here and produced. Knick fans care about 1 thing mostly-winning. NY hasn't won an NBA title in 40 years dating back to 1972.