With Valentine's Day coming up, thousands of New Yorkers will be looking for love. Whether you download a dating app, send a message over social media, or meet new people at a local restaurant or bar, there are countless ways to find the love of your life in 2023, and it's something that everyone deserves to have happen.

Luckily for people in that situation, data from a recent study is showing that the Empire State is among the best for singles in 2023. Are you ready to mingle?

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Study: New York Ranked Among Best States to Be Single in 2023

A recent study done by our friends at WalletHub dug into the data behind dating, with the ultimate goal of learning which places simply make dating easier than others. The experts at WalletHub compiled information on the single populations of each state, and the opportunities available to singles (restaurants, attractions, etc.) who are looking to go on dates in their area.

All of this information was assigned a numerical value, which resulted in each state in the union being given its own score. Based on three major criteria (Dating Opportunities, Dating Economics and Romance & Fun), New York was ranked as the second-best state in which a person can be single in 2023.

New York is among the best states for singles / Unsplash (Josh Hild)
New York is among the best states for singles / Unsplash (Josh Hild)

New York was identified as having the fourth-highest share of single adults in the country, a factor that contributed to the state's strong overall ranking. In terms of the three major criteria mentioned above, here is how New York ranked among its peers:

  • Dating Opportunities: 1st
  • Dating Economics: 50th
  • Romance and Run: 2nd

The only state identified as being better for single people in 2023 was California. The Golden State was ranked 1st for Romance & Fun, and 2nd in Dating Opportunities. On the flip side, life is rough for singles in West Virginia, which was tabbed as the 50th-best state in which you can be single this year.

Valentine's Day is February 14th / Unsplash (Element5 Digital)
Valentine's Day is February 14th / Unsplash (Element5 Digital)

Let's take a look at the states that surround New York, and see if single people in these areas are in for a positive experience in their state's dating scene:

  • Massachusetts: 8th (3rd for Dating Opportunities)
  • Connecticut: 14th (9th for Dating Opportunities)
  • Vermont: 22nd (14th for Dating Opportunities)
  • Pennsylvania: 5th (5th for Romance and Fun)
  • New Jersey: 7th (7th for Dating Opportunities)
  • New Hampshire: 23rd (16th for Dating Economics)

Based on the data presented, here's my final takeaway: dating in New York, and the Northeast at-large, is a lot of fun and can be done in a number of creative ways. No matter how you choose to go about dating in 2023, make sure you save up your paychecks, because it's not going to be cheap.

Good luck out there!

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