While most of New England drowned themselves in suds and memories over the historic weekend celebrating 100 years of Fenway park I got many laughs out of it. The best thing to happen to the Bosox was Sunday's rainout!

Forget what happened on the field. If you follow Baseball and this great rivalry you know the results. 5 Homers from the Bombers on Friday ruining the celebration, then a historic comeback Saturday by the Yanks who trailed 9-0 early yet won 15-9.

Now if you are a 1st time reader of my stuff you are assuming I bet I am  Yank fan. Not even! I root for the Red headed step child in NY-The Mets

Ok 1st off the Daily News did a poll, unscientific that it is, asking 50 Sowx fans (mispelled on purpose) who the best living Boston player is. 29 said Curt Shilling. LOL. LOL. I mean you have to laugh at that result. Taking nothing away from Shilling but a 4 year Sox player gets the majority of the votes. Yeah..No not Yaz, Not Fisk, Not Doerr, Not Big Poppi, Not Pedro. The list goes on. Curt Shilling? Yeah looks like the losing is effecting the fans as well as the players and manager.

But my biggest beef or laugh at Sox fans was the Friday ceremony. The biggest Ovation goes to former manager Tito Francona? Is this the same Terry Francona that got blamed for every loss, for the epic gag job at the end of last year? Why yes it is.

It really makes me laugh when all these fans, be it Yankee fan, Red Sox fan bills themselves as the best fans and most knowledgable. Yeah Yank fans cheers for their legion of Steroid cheats and Sox fans cheer loudest for a manager they despised. You have to laugh at this.

Meanwhile Bobby Valentine, the man to hate today, is getting booed and blamed for all that ails the Chowders. Yeah cause it is Bobby V's fault 2/3rds of the starting outfield is out for a prolonged time. No wait it is Bobby V's fault the pitching is abysmal. Aaah the dumbing down of Sports fans. Blame the manger/coach or the ump.

Has Valentime beeen  good so far? No not really. But don't blame Bobby because his closer is out and his replacement, the former yank Melencon is a joke. Twice already the Boston staff has given up 5 Home runs in a ball game.

By the way most knowledgable Sox fan when you were 2-10 last year to start that was Francona's fault remember?

For the record again I didn't pick either the Yanks or Sox to win the East. I tabbed Tampa. Toronto might finish 2nd. The Yanks staff has holes but unlike Boston, replacements are on the way in Pettitte mostly and maybe Pineda.

In the meantime this hapless Met fan gets a laugh at the over reaction of these games from both fan bases. Yes most knowledgable Red Sox fan Curt Shilling is the greatest living RedSox player and this mess, albeit early is all Valentine's fault. Psst Sox fan no it isn't. In fact Bobby V has better credentials coming in then Francone had when he become manager of the Sox in 2004.

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