Yesterday was the anniversary of a play we almost never see in professional football anymore and it was made by Doug Flutie, who we AFC East fans know very well.

If you found your way here, you probably know what a drop kick is even though you almost never see it in professional football these days. For those of you don't or have forgotten because you literally never see it, a player can drop kick a ball (drop it, let it bounce once, and then kick it) through the uprights for an extra point, field goal, or kickoff.

Kickers are so good at doing it the other way that drop kicks are pretty much gone from the game now. When I went digging to find out some more about drop kicks, I found that the reason the drop kick fell out of favor is that the shape of the football changed from a rounder shape to the more oblong shape we now know. The old shape was much more predictable when drop kicked, which made it a viable strategy. Nowadays, it's as rare as a player like Flutie.

Watch the twelve-year-old highlight here:

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