Does anyone remember the Adirondack Frostbite? Well Steve Levy certainly does because he owned the team back in the day before the team folded. We had the pleasure to talk to Steve Levy this past week on Big Board Sports and we reminisced with him about that time. He sure had some fond memories and I enjoyed every second of it!

Levy also was one of the voices of the XFL, so he let us know what he thought about the league and whether or not he believes a league like that could work in the future. With that being said we also asked him if he would be interested doing Monday Night Football in the booth which Andrew Marchand also told us was a possibilty. Listen to Levy above and Marchand below who we also discuss the NFL draft with and how it will look.

Speaking of the NFL draft, Giants GM Dave Gettleman is faced with a huge decision with the 4th overall pick. Does he select Isaiah Simmons, the stud Linebacker from Clemson, or does he take one of the can’t miss offensive lineman? I would not pass up Simmons because he’s going to be that good, but Gettleman has failed to solidify the line in each of the last two draft, and he has a chance to do that in the first round. The offensive line was better last season, but the Giants defense was one of the worst in the NFL. Tough call, but Simmons would be my pick.

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