The Johnny Manziel tale just keeps getting more depressing.

Yesterday, we heard that Manziel allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley so hard that he ruptured her eardrum. We also heard that Crowley filed for a protective order against Manziel that prohibits him from seeing her for two years.

And today, we heard that Manziel was reportedly drunk at a late-season Browns practice -and that the Browns covered it up. They said Manziel was in the concussion protocol.

There's several layers to the issue here:

1) Manziel showed up drunk to a practice. In a week he was scheduled to start. It's incredibly irresponsible and embarrassing.

2) The Browns covered it up. Why? Maybe they truly care about Manziel and wanted to protect him. Maybe they wanted to protect themselves from the Manziel drama and questions. In fact, that's likely.

3) The Browns enabled this behavior. By protecting themselves, they continued to give Manziel a free pass for his behavior.

4) The Manziel story continues to a be a sad tragedy. A real case "of a guy who had it all throwing it away."

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