The running story of this MLB season has been the injuries that have plagued the New York Yankees. Now that the replacement players we've lovingly called the "B-Team", "Baby Bombers", "Scranton Yankees" and a number of other names have played great baseball, what happens when the "A-Team" returns? ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney says returning stars could pose a tough problem for Yankees Manager Aaron Boone.

Buster points out the talent log jam that the Yankees will be facing will make Aaron Boone's life pretty difficult. Even though too much talent isn't a terrible problem to have it could cause real issues when you need to find a way to fit it all. Giancarlo Stanton hit two home runs last night in a rehab game with Class A Tampa. When Stanton returns, who's spot does he take? When you look at all the performances in his absence it's not an easy question to answer. Listen to Buster's full interview below.

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