Loyalty is a rare trait, and sometimes a deadly one as well. Jets coach Rex Ryan decided to be loyal to his starting quarterback for the past three years and switch back to Mark Sanchez for this week's upcoming game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As a Jet fan, my reaction is "why?" Have we not seen exactly what Sanchez is? He is at his best pretty decent, but he is hardly ever at his best and, frankly as a Jets fan, I am disgusted with this move!

I am not sure the answer to the Jets long term quarterback situation is even on the roster but why go back to what has produced nothing more then a 9-7 record, even if Sanchez has won four playoff games on the road.

In my opinion, the best choice is to at least find out if Greg McElroy has the chops to start in this league. I'm not sure that four games against bad teams (Jacksonville, San Diego, Tennessee, and Buffalo) would answer that question but we already know the answer with Sanchez.

I have been a Sanchez supporter mostly because I am a Jets supporter, but the truth is that Sanchez has been decent at best, save for those playoff wins and one can argue that was mostly, but not entirely, a product of their defense. Sanchez played well for the most part in those postseason games but certainly not great save for the win at New England in the AFC Divisional Round.

The question this decision does not answer is what will the Jets do long term at the position. There is nothing tempting in the draft as of now and the free agent list looks lackluster.

Sanchez has been mostly bad this year including that brutal performance for almost three quarters that got him benched against the terrible Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday.

McElroy, for whatever it is worth, at least drove them for a score in what turned out to be one of the worst games in NFL history, as the Jets beat the Cardinals 7-6. The Jets barely beat a team that is 44 games below .500 over the past ten years, has lost eight straight, and was playing their own third string quarterback. I have no doubt if the Jets were home this week Sanchez would NOT be starting. The fans have had enough and treated Sanchez to numerous catcalls and boos.

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