He has a young quarterback, a team that will be underdogs in every post-season game they play (unless they meet Seattle in the Super Bowl), and an unsettling knack for podiatry.  So what has Rex Ryan done over the last 2 weeks that has me calling him a genius?

 Whether it is during games, or between them, the focus of the Jets has been pretty straight forward: keep the pressure off of Mark Sanchez.  During games, get leads, run the ball and put him in situations to make smart throws for easy completions.  Between games, Rex Ryan has taken no prisoners when drawing all the media attention towards himself and away from his team, especially his young quarterback.


 Before the Jets matchup with the Colts, Rex told the media that the game was “personal” between himself and Peyton Manning.

 Now, this week he has said that the Jets vs. Patriots game is really “Ryan vs. Belichick.”  Rex has taken responsibility for the MNF disaster, saying that he was outcoached and that this time…wait for it…it’s personal!

 That seems to be Rex’s stock line lately.  Go ask him about the foot fetish video; I betcha he’ll tell you that it’s personal. 

 Rex’s personality has, understandably, rubbed some people the wrong way, but personally, I think his unflappable mouth is pre-meditated and calculated.  Oh yea, and it’s working.

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