Let's thank Riley Cooper, who will take all the oxygen out of the public conversation on a myriad of issues for the next 2 days. Cooper's stupidity and foul mouth has social media blowing up, sports talk shows yakking it up, and news programs soaking it up.

The country will be eating up this discussion for 48 hours. Such is the sad nature of where we are at as a nation right now.

What Cooper said is despicable  and can't be justified. I give him credit that in his apology press conference he made no excuses and was plain spoken and  straight forward, and I believe remorseful. No matter, his angry outburst, caught on video will always be out there and always brand him and haunt him. See John Rocker for example. At least Rockers ridiculous  comments weren't on video.

I am not sure what else there is to say on this myself. The actions of Riley should be condemned. No justification for his outburst.

For those claiming Riley has a "right to say what he wants" you are correct. He does. And those letting him know have the same right. I find the word Riley used disgusting, repulsive, and ignorant. There are a few words that have no business in the public square, but as a broadcaster, calling for outlawing certain words, is anti American in my view. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. There are many things you can do but shouldn't. You can rob a bank-but you shouldn't. You can drink and drive-but you shouldn't. You can be a blatant moron but shouldn't.

There are a handful of words I totally am repulsed by. The magic word by Cooper is among them. I have others as well. When I hear them I kinda feel uncomfortable. That might surprise people who listen to my program and have heard my loud, outspoken words, on people being "appalled" too easy, "offended" at every turn, and the cesspool of political correctness that is drowning our country. But again just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Cooper's career is probably over. For those that will push back, claiming over reaction, or the right to speech, remember that freedom to be an idiot like Cooper means others have the right to tell him what they think of him being an idiot!

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