Robinson Cano is one of the best players in baseball, but on Wednesday night, he committed one of the most bonehead baseball plays I've ever seen.

With the Mariners trailing 5-2 against the Dodgers, Cano was at 3rd base with Nelson Cruz on 2nd. Logan Morrison walked to load the bases -- except Cano thought the bases were already loaded, and he thought the walk to Morrison scored him.

Thus, he trotted home, and was promptly tagged out by the heads-up Dodgers.

It's pretty basic baseball: Know the situation. How many outs. Where the force is. If you're running, are you forced? Not complicated. Especially when you make $240 million.

As a Mariners fan who was watching the game, it was absolutely bone crushing. A team that is projected by many to go to the playoffs committing a mental mistake of that magnitude? Doesn't do much for the confidence.

After the game, Cano said: "I feel in that situation that I was the dumbest guy in the game. There's no excuse for that."

He also added it was most likely the dumbest play of his career.

The Mariners lost 5-2 after this play all but killed the sixth inning rally.

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