Kevin Hart's "Cold as Balls" with Ronda Rousey is just plain funny or dare I say it'll make you laugh out loud? Yeah I took the cheap joke. I'm not sorry! If you've been watching the previous episodes at you've seen Hart talk trash to everyone from Lavar Ball to Blake Griffin and never back down. He doesn't fare as well against Rousey.

In between all the fun and jokes Ronda Rousey opens up about her life. Details about how she found her way to Judo, the UFC and even the WWE. Rousey explains her motivation behind her new life in the WWE. It's not about the belts it's about making the Women's division better. A lesson taught to her by Roddy Piper's son. Oh and then she makes Hart cry like a baby and possibly "Poot". If you don't know what a Poot will soon.


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